.:Bulletin of the North-East Science Center - EDITOR-IN-CHIEF:.

Goryachev, Nikolay Anatolyevich, b. 1953, Doctor Sci. (Geology and Mineralogy), Professor, RAS Corresponding Member, Chief Researcher, North-Eastern Interdisciplinary Scientific Research Institute n.a. N.A. Shilo, FEB RAS, Magadan, Russia

Prof. Goryachev is a leading expert in the geology of gold ore and orogenic belts in Northeast Asia. He authored and co-authored over 400 publications, including 14 monographs, the international Geological Map of Asia (1:5000000) published in China in 2013, and two student books. One of the monographs was published in the USA. Prof. Goryachev graduated from the Moscow University (School of Geology) in 1975.
Research conducted by Prof. Goryachev cover problems of the geology and genesis of gold ore and granitoid belts in fold systems of Northeast Asia, the geology and issues of evolution of orogenic gold ore systems, issues of deep structures of Late Mesozoic orogenic belts. Prof. Goryachev substantiated conditions of forming accretionary gold ore belts in Northeast Asia as products of regional pluton-metamorphous endogenic processes that formed orogenic folded structures. Prof. Goryachev developed geological-genetic models of granitoid ore-magmatic system as combinations of endogenic processes in different geodynamic settings, resulting in the formation of ore-magmatic clusters of various hierarchies, which is of great importance both for fundamental and applied geology.
Prof. Goryachev supervised FEB RAS projects “Giant and Super-giant Gold and Silver Fields in the North-East of Russia” and “Deep Structure of the Earth Crust in the Zone of the Continent-Ocean Suture” by Transect 2-DB, on programs of the RAS Division of Earth Sciences.
Prof. Goryachev is widely known outside Russia as a participant of the International Project on Tectonics and Metallogeny of the North Pacific (Russia, USA, Canada). He has repeatedly participated in international and all-Russia symposia, lectured in short-time courses within international forums, was a member of Organizational Committees of a number of all-Russia and regional conferences. Prof. Goryachev is a member of the Russian Geological Society, a Presidium Member of the Russian Mineralogical Society, a member of the American Geophysical Union (AGU), International Society of Economic Geologists (SEG) (USA), Geological Society of Australia, European Society of Applied Geologists and Mineralogists, International Association on Ore Genesis. Since 2007 he has been working as a lecturer for the Regional Vice-President of SEG in Northern Eurasia. Prof. Goryachev is a member of the Inter-institutional Petrographic Committee and of the Academic Board on Tectonics and Geodynamics at the RAS Division of Earth Sciences.
Prof. Goryachev is the Editor-in-Chief of the Bulletin of the North-East Scientific Center, Russia Academy of Sciences Far East Branch, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of the Pacific Geology journal, and a member of the Editorial Boards for the Geotectonics and the Geology of Ore Deposits journals.
The Web of Sciences Hirsch Index for Prof. Goryachev is 7; total number of quotations, 303; annual average, 11.65.